Dedicated Driver

Whether it’s vehicle payments, vehicle maintenance costs, employees salaries, employee lethargy, taxes, and fuel prices, every day your profit margin takes a hit from your employee based dedicated driver and/or fleet program. The bottom line is this division of your company is sapping the needed resources for your company to thrive. By outsourcing your dedicated driver/fleet needs, you can save up to 25% of your transportation budget, allowing you to utilize your finances on what you do best.

By partnering with Madden Corporation in utilizing our Dedicated Driver/Outsourced Fleet Management Services, we can support, expand, or replace your current fleet with professional delivery drivers and well-maintained vehicles. Gone will be the challenges of cancelling or re-routing stops due to vehicle issues, sick employees or the need to replace drivers. We invite you to take advantage of our experience in analyzing the potential benefits of outsourcing your drivers, vehicles and transportation management to Madden Corporation.

The benefits of utilizing a Madden Corporation Dedicated Driver include the coverage of daily routes and recurring deliveries, providing flexible driver capacity, improved driver efficiency and significant cost reductions. Outsourcing Fleet Management Services includes transferring monthly vehicle payments and maintenance costs, related insurance expenses, and driver training.

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