Legal Support Services: Los Angeles | Orange County

Madden Corporation Legal Support Services are available on an on-demand basis. We offer the perfect solution for large and small law offices. You can use us as an extension of your legal team or on an as-needed basis.

Are you seeking legal support services? Orange County attorneys can benefit from using Pro Courier for attorney support services. ProLegal is our attorney support services division and with ProLegal we are able to provide legal attorney services to Orange County and surrounding areas.

Our Legal Support Services Include:

Legal Messenger Services:

Want a special messenger? We offer around the clock service with uniformed professional team members on foot, bicycle, and in Madden Corporation vehicles.

Professional Process Servers:

We have skilled professional and registered process servers who you can leverage on an as-needed basis.

Other Legal Support Services:

Madden Corporation ProLegal services can help your law office with record retrieval, court filing, investigations, and more. Whether you need vast amounts of copying and imaging, eFiling, subpoena preparation and legal messenger services on an ongoing basis or simply to cover gaps in your staffing we have an excellent reputation as legal attorney services for Orange County.

Choose Madden Corporations’s ProLegal Attorney Service.

Los Angeles area attorneys benefit from our existing infrastructure, our competitive rates, and on-demand services that can help you streamline a variety of procedures handled through your law firm. Talk to us today about your needs. We offer flexible and scalable solutions to meet the changing needs of your law firm.

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